Yoshiya Hinosawa

Yoshiya Hinosawa

Frontend Engineer

Kokubunji-shi Izumi-cho 3-4-1-708, Tokyo, JP, 1850024
+81 (090) 1125-6507
English, Japanese




Working as a software engineer for 9 years. Contributing OSS software mainly in JavaScript/Node.js. Have created and published many OSS in github and registered them to npm, RubyGems and The Maven Central.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software EngineerSelf-employed

    Jan, 2015 - Present

    Working as a freelancer. The main partners are Recruit Lifestyle Co.,Ltd, Recruit Technologies Co.,Ltd, CureApp, Inc.

    • Set up tens of repositories with modern frontend stack for many teams

    • Set up a modern CI infrastructure for frontend dev team of 20 - 30 members

    • Built the first working prototype of core project of a start up

  • Software EngineerGREE, Inc.

    May, 2012 - Apr, 20141 year 11 months

    • Replaced an in-house frontend MVC framework with a new stack

    • Started decomposing large monolithic architecture into microservices

  • ProgrammerZYYX Inc.

    Feb, 2010 - Mar, 20122 years 2 months

    • Built many websites quickly



  • Frontend Development
  • Software Testing (JavaScript)
  • CSS
    sassBEMOOCSSstyled-componentsFlocssCSS FrameworksBootstrapBulma
  • Golang Development
    depgoreleaserblackfridayCLI development
  • Jenkins
    Declarative PipelineMultibranch PipelineProvisioning Jenkins Server
  • CI services
    Circle CI (2.0)Travis CIDroneCodecovCoverallsGreenkeeperRenovate


  • Mathematics / Computer Science, Bachelor, Kyoto University

    Apr, 2003 - Mar, 2009

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Co-maintainer, C3.js

    May, 2017 - Present

    Open source chart library with more than 7000 github stars

    • Renewed build pipeline, automated release process

    • Released a number of versions

    • Organizing the team communication

  • Contributor, deno

    Jun, 2018 - Present

    A secure TypeScript runtime on V8

    • Contributed mainly on the build process

    • 4th active contributor so far



  • Mathematics

    Mathematical logicFormal SystemCategory TheoryCombinatory Logic
  • deno

    rust-langV8GN (generate ninja)TypeScriptflatbufferstokio